Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Proud Moment

Friday night my "baby" graduated from college. He is now a proud alumni of Colorado State University! I gotta tell ya', I am one proud mama!! We are having his party next Sunday, so I will post lots of pictures. Brad, I Love You!

I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend.
xxoo - Valarie


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

congrats to him!

and to you for getting him through it!

vivian said...

congratulations to him and to you! whats his degree it?

kimberly said...

Go Brad ~ You Rock!!!!!

Valarie said...

Brads degree is in Health and Exercise Science. He did an internship with the Fire Department, and is taking the test in January. I am excited to have him living back at home....until he finds employment that is. hehe

Rosemary said...

Thanks Valarie!
I would send you a cupcake if I could.
Congrats to you and your son. That is a proud moment!
Hope your party is wonderful!
Chat soon,