Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Beautiful New Blog (new to me at least)

Last night at 10:10 a bad storm blew through. I should have been anticipating it, because earlier in the day I jinxed myself. I was watering my flowers, and I patted myself on the back, and thought "I should have my house in a magazine, because my flowers look unbelievable this year"....well, Mother Nature heard me, and for some unknown reason, it upset her. A massive storm blew through town. Fortunately we were on the edge of the storm, so we weren't hit as hard as other areas. All of my flowers are gone, beat to the ground by the hail, the turret on our house is roofed in copper, and it too was damaged. Other areas had broken windows, and downed trees, so I know I got by lucky!! One of my husbands businesses was damaged pretty badly, but we are insured, so I guess it isn't so bad. On the plus side, I spent the day browsing the Internet, looking for eye candy. I hit the jackpot with a blog called Over the Top Designs....... You have got to stop by and check it out. Amada might be one of the most talented people around. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. She said she didn't mind if I showed a few pictures of some of her work, so grab a cup of tea, and prepare to be dazzled.
The wedding cake toppers are truly works of Art.

I hope that you enjoyed your visit.

Have a lovely day, and don't forget to check out Over the Top Studios, and tell Amada that Valarie sent you.
xxoo - Valarie
P.S. Tammy at Tinsel and Company is having a wonderful giveaway. Hope on over and leave her a comment, and don't forget to tell her Valarie is the one who sent you.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Valarie,

Sorry to hear that you have had a storm and I hope that you get it all sorted. Shame about your garden.

I like all the things you have shared and what a talented Lady.


Kdottie Designs said...

Sorry to hear about the damage. Thanks for sharing your finds on the internet....I can spend hours!

Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie,
Thanks so much for the lovely mention. How sweet! Sorry you found me the way you did :( I am a gardner so I understand the pain of watching all your work get plummeted by the rain or wind. I am in Seattle and just as my peonies bloom the rain hammers them to the ground. Hope your husbands business is Okay. Again, thank you for the mention - it means so much to me.

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Oh goodness so sorry about the terrible storm, but so glad it wasn't worse. Sometimes those Summer storms are the worst!!
Those creations are absolutely beautiful, you are right, amazing. I'll have to pop over and check out more. Have a super day!
♥ Teresa

Tammy said...


I am happy to hear you are safe, sad for your flowers...

What an amazing blog, I want to get married all over again! Maybe I can talk hubby into an anniversary present!

Best wishes,

Lori said...

Valarie, i am sorry about the damages you suffered in the storm...thanks for sharing your new find...those wedding cake toppers are wonderful!!! the detail is lovely!!!

Rosemary said...

Hi Valarie,
Thank you for the always nice comments. These wedding cake toppers are so pretty!!!
I will have to check out her blog.

Tammy said...

Hi Valarie,
Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! You are so right "Over the Top Studios" is amazing!!!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie,
I do make masks like the one on my etsy site (the one you posted) in pink. I can put one up and you could look at it and see if you like it. Let me know,

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

argh - we had a terrible storm here, too - but no damage such as you experienced. I'm so sorry!

I've been following 'over the top' for awhile now - her stuff is outrageous and fab, isn't it?!

Coastal Sisters said...

Thank you so much for sharing this talented artist!

I am sorry you all had so much damage from the storm but glad you are ok.

I just got back from vaca and am trying to catch up on my Blog visiting this afternoon between naps :)


Jorgelina said...

Happy pink saturday!!

Bea said...

Valarie, I'm sorry to hear about your storm. I hope everything is ok. I hope your garden will come back before summer is over.
Great blog! Thanks for sharing the new blog you found.
Happy Pink Saturday.

stefanie said...

i am so sorry about your home, it is so sad when your flowers are ruined, and even worse if you lose a tree, its like losing a friend. hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Valarie!
Sorry to hear about the storm blowing through like that. You did have some damage, but at least you are all safe and what is damaged is replaceable. I love the website you referenced. Her talent is amazing. We will be reading about her in the future. She is going to go right over the top. The toppers are just beautiful. So original. Thanks for sharing. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you visit. Country Hugs, Sherry

Envoy-ette said...

Oh, the cake toppers are impressive! I know what you mean about Mother Nature. My roses only bloomed AFTER the outdoor parties we had! They were just thorney bushes then! LOL

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Valarie. Such a shame that the storm played havoc with your garden! I'm happy to hear it has passed. Your garden will bounce back!

Those wedding toppers are so lovely and creative!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that so much damage was done during the storm. But glad that you and your family are okay.

Love the cake toppers they are breathtaking.


HiHo said...

so sad, glad you had time to enjoy the flowers first.A few years back the same happened here , looked like my 10 year old had taken the weed wacker to the Hostas.late on my pink wishes. HP, Heidi

♥Mimi♥ said...

Cold, dark, misty in my neck of the woods. My perennials are hiding and I am wearing a sweatshirt. Coming here today made my day a little brighter. Thanks so much.

I'm a little late with my Pink Saturday visits because I had my grandsons for the weekend and couldn't tear myself away from them☺

♥Wishing you and yours a week full of happiness♥

Look in the Nook said...

Hi Valarie....I live in Evergreen Colorado and that was quite the storm the other night. And once again as i sit her it is raining. My garden needs some warmth sunshine.Anyway....Happy late Pink Saturday!Yesterday I was busy donating my time at the Evergreen Jazz Festival. I just now found time to check out all the pink for PINK SATURDAY. I love the toppers. I will check out the website Thanks for sharing.
Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

Paula said...

Love all this, love your blog ... first time stopping by.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I'm so sorry. I've had hail ruin all my flowers before, and I know how disappointing it can be, even if you are thankful that it wasn't worse.

Talented artist you have showcasedul. Beautiful!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Valarie,

Sorry to hear about your storm :( that stinks.

oh my gosh what wonderful work! Thank you so much for sharing her blog with us.

So glad you're going to join me in the REVAMP IT challenge! Thanks so much, can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

vivian said...

Hi Valarie!
just want to let you know that I have you signed up for the halloween shadow box swap and I am just thrilled that you joined!!!
Could you email my your email address and mailing address? send to vivianneroni@yahoo.com
thanks for coming out to play with me!

twinkleshabbystar said...

EEEK! Sorry to hear about the icky storm and the damage left behind. Thank heavens for insurance. ;)
WOW!!!! Amanda's work is GOOORGEOUS!!! Stunning! I will absolutely be sure to check out her blog and shop. Glad you got some eye candy fun durning the storm. ;) XO,Jenn

Lydia said...

Sorry about the flowers. Great cake toppers!