Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Under the Weather

Hi Everyone.....I have been under the weather the last few days, and am stuck in bed. I woke up Friday with the worst pain I have ever experienced. It was the lower left groin area. I ended up at the Dr.s office (I couldn't drive myself, so my son took off work to drive me), they are pretty sure that I have a cyst on my ovary, but they need to clear up the danged infection before they can begin to take care of the actual problem. I spent the weekend on pain pills and antibiotics. I went back to the Dr. yesterday, and the stupid infection is still raging, so they put me on a higher dose of antibiotics, and I am going back on Thursday. Hopefully I can get this cleared up and back to normal. The pain has just been so constant, that I am taking percocet.

I just wanted to show you a sneak peak at what I've been up to(before the infection)!! I was in the Christmas in July swap with the talented Jen Of J. Nichelle. Boy, talk about pressure. Jen is so talented, and she makes the most unbelievable Vintage inspired pieces. I definitely felt the pressure of this one. So, here is a sneak peak at what I made for her.Can you guess what it is?? All glittery and whimsical?? Well, as soon as she receives her package, I will post more pictures.
Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie


LuLu Kellogg said...

Dearest Valarie~

I do hope you get well quick. Are you going to have to have surgery?


Marydon said...

G'morn, Valerie ~ Ouch! I do hope you get better quickly, this is not a fun pain to have.

Ok! we need a better 'peek' that this. It is pretty ...

Have a beautiful summer day ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Signs and Salvage said...

I hope you feel better soon!! That kind of pain is so horrible...and worrisome.

Take Care,


Diane said...

Boy you and your hubby just can't stay well for very long, I bet Doctors orders for you is rest! Sorry to here that you are down for the count right now, Valerie you have to slow down get lot's of rest and let that medicine do it's job... please let us know how you are doing, all my positive thoughts are sent your way today. Feel better soon. oxoxo, Diane

vivian said...

hi Valarie. So sorry that your not feeling well. I do hope the infection clears up and that the cyst wont require much fooling around with! I was on percocet once. LOL! I had had surgery and felt like I had become part of the bed! I hate painpills,,, but I hate pain worse! Sending up a prayer!
feel better soon!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hope you feel better soon! ♥

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey doll
hope you are feeling better. no fun
ok i think it is a candle holder??

porter place cottage said...

I just happend upon your blog and believe that we have met before. I used to work at My Favorite Things and think that after I left there I met you there! Hope you are feeling better, have a great day!

Tammy @ tinselshop.com said...


So sorry to hear you have not been feeling well! Take care of yourself and get better soon, I will be thinking of you.

How lucky to receive one of Jen's creations. It has to be an electric candelabra! So cute, can't wait for you to show the rest of it!

Best wishes,


I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you get better fast!!

Rebecca said...

I so hope you get well soon! It doesn't sound like much fun-hope blogging can keep your mind off your pain some!

Something Special said...

Valarie, I hope you can get that all under control to and feel great again. Thanks for posting part of what you did for Jen, in the swap. I did draw your name for my doorprize drawing and I would love to have you email me at ask@comnett.net with your mailing address, so I can get that sent ut to you! And I agree, that Jnichelle designs are amazingly wonderful!