Thursday, June 2, 2011

Faux Wedding Cake

I'm sorry I have been an absentee blogger. Life has been crazy, and so has my computer. I haven't been able to load photos, so hopefully it will work this time. 2 nights ago I was crafting away, when I tried to cut a wire with scissors, well the scissors slipped, and I cut off the top of my knuckle. I ended up in the emergency room, they couldn't stitch it, because the area of missing skin was too big, so they put sergi seal on it, put gauze over that, and put a splint on my finger. I have to keep the splint on for 2 weeks. I didn't realize how much I use my pointer finger. grrr.... I am trying to get a few projects finished up for The Paris Street Market this Saturday. My friend has a booth, and wanted me to put some pretties in the booth. She is doing lots of vintage baby and wedding goodies, so I was in my element. I made this cake a couple of years ago, but had never decorated it.

Have a lovely day-
xxoo - Valarie

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