Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surgery Day

Sorry I haven't been blogging much......it has been very stressful these past few days. My son is going in tomorrow to have his knee surgery. We have been going to Dr. appointments, and getting everything ready for the dreaded event. He will be out of commission, literally flat on his back for 6 weeks. I appreciate all of the kind words that you have all left me. Please keep us in your prayers.
xxoo Valarie


HollyDoodleDesigns said...

Praying for you, girl. xo

jen said...

Deep breaths and thankful prayers, thankful that the surgeon's hands will make all the right moves, thankful the doctors, nurses, physical therapists and all the staff are doing what he needs for a successful before, during and after care, thankful for a good strong recovery, thankful for the strength to be the mom your son needs when he needs it. YOu are a wonderful mom Valarie and he is young and will bounce back. I love you girl BIG hugs to you and the family!
luvs and glitter

Lori said...

Valarie, i will say a prayer for your son...i hope all goes well with the surgery!!!

vivian said...

hi Valarie, I'll send up some prayers for you and your son. I hope he recovers very quickly. try not to stress to much.. try some art therapy!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

My thought are with you. Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Want to get that man out of bed? Tell him you're going to glitter his cast.

JoAnn S. said...

Val, I hope your son heals quickly. I am surprised at him being flat in bed for so long? I had knee replacement and artho on other knee and they got me up after a few days. keep us posted and I will be sending good thoughts to you. hugs JoAnn