Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Missing In Action......

I have been a very bad blogger.....As you can see from the chaos in my craft room, I have been a very busy girl. I am getting ready for a big craft fair in November.....I am also having a big open house at my home, and will be selling crafts, along with other wonderful vendors. much to do.
You can't see the surface of my table.....the glitter is flying.
Just a few Christmas houses waiting for trees and snowmen to be glued on.
Ornaments, ornaments, and more ornaments. Lots of cupcakes hiding in the boxes.
Bags and bags of goodies that need to be assembled. Well, Have a super wonderful day. Fall has finally arrived here in Colorado.
xxoo Valarie
I am looking for a tutorial on making tulle trees.....any ideas?? The first person to send me a link for an easy tutorial will win a prize.


Rebecca said...

Drooling! What fun! Where are you located?


~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...'ve just got to be ready for your show...good luck...!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Sweet Girl!

Here is a link to how to make a tulle tree!!

Let me know how it goes!

I am getting ready for a huge show next weekend so glitter is flying everywhere in my studio!


Valarie said...

Ah Lulu....thank you sweet friend...I will mail you a gift this weekend. Don't know what it will be...but it will be fun and glittery.
xxoo Valarie

Tami said...

Hi Valarie thanks for stopping by my blog today! I did the show thing this summer and I didn't keep up with my blog either. Not enough hours in a day.
Best wishes for your show!
xo Tami

vivian said...

Hi Valarie! Sounds like youve got a lot going on. Be sure to show us pics of all your finished projects. I've never heard of a tulle tree, but I'm looking forward to seeing yours!
have fun

Something Special said...

Hi Valarie, I can understand your busi-ness perfectly well. Years ago, I always opened up my house in November for a boutique that ran two days. My family and husband hated all the hours I spent doing crafts, and then the house thing. They did not like it until the money started rolling in and then it was a different story. Between you and Jen, you two are crazy busy ladies, but that is what makes life interesting right!

jen said...

Ah coming up from the glitter for air LOL! just try not to drown in it!

luvs and glitter

Signs and Salvage said...

So LOVELY!!! I wish I could come help you!!! Good Luck with everything<3

<3 Kristin