Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabulous Easter Swap goodies.

I participated in a fabulous Easter swap with my two good friends Kristin and Michele. Kristin has the fabulous blog Signs and Salvage...check out her blog, you won't be disappointed.
Can you believe all of these fabulous goodies?? I am still in awe over it all.
Kristin is selling these amazing little nests made from shredded vintage books. I am ordering a few for my Easter table.

This sweet sign is super sweet. I'm telling you, you need to order from her!!

I don't think Kristin knows this, but peeps are my all time favorite Easter candy. This will stay up year round in my craft room!
Yet another sweet sign. Be still my heart!!
I love this sweet recipe box. I am going to use it in my craft room for phone numbers!!
This gorgeous hook will also stay up year round. The chippy pink is just amazing!!
Also, look at these sweet crocheted slippers. LOVE!! Kristin, you outdid yourself. Love ya!! I can't wait to get my box from Michele...the girls should get their box I sent any day now.
Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie


Tete said...

I didn't get in on this swap. Something to look forward to next year. Great stuff!

vivian said...

cute signs! lots of neat stuff! Ive been finishing up my swappies and cant wait to see what everyone is making!!
have a great weekend

Something Special said...

Yes, Kristin really outdid herself. I love everything. Her signs and here shabby look are so dang cute. I just got mine posted too. I just love it all! Looking forward to getting your package. This was too fun!

Deanna said...

I swooned four times! The darling signs and the cute Little Girl card is just too lovely.

Have a great weekend!
Deanna :D

Signs and Salvage said...

Ohhhhh.....thank you for posting the pics & for all your sweetness!!! I LOVE swapping with you & Michelle...and I cannot wait to get my boxes of goodies!!!!



Free Pretty Things For You said...

Guess what!

I Just got the PRETTIES Easter Present i have EVER
received!!!! :D

You are SO SWEET!!! From the Bottom of my Heart THANK YOU SOO MUCH! no one has ever sent me such a pretty package :)

May you and your Loved ones have a BLESSED weekend!
Big Hug!

Country Dreaming said...

Great goodies!! How fun for all!


Sandy Michelle said...

I love Easter swaps! You got some great stuff :)


A Vintage Chic said...

Good morning, Valarie! Just found your lovely blog through Keren's.

What fabulous swap gifts you received--so glad you shared pictures!

I'll be following along...hope your day is wonderful!


Diane Mars said...

You and your swap partners outdid yourselves! Wow fit for a queen... I just saw the lovely goodies over at Something Special... very sweet so much sweetness. Happy Spring~

GardenofDaisies said...

What sweet slippers! My momma used to make those for me!