Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blooming Flowers

Aren't these flowers beautiful?? I love the combination of the pinks and green. I know, they aren't real, but I didn't think real ones would hold up too well in the Bathroom! I decided that the very white, very boring toilet in my craft room needed some fixing up. What would look better than a bouquet of flowers?
I honestly can't believe how cute it looks. It was a very quick project, I just covered the toilet with double sided tape, and put a card stock template on top of it. Then hot glued the flowers to the top. I must say, I think it looks darling. Do you think it would be too much to cover the tank and the top of the tank with flowers also?? Let me know what you think!
Have a lovely day.
xxoo - Valarie
UPDATE: After a lot of thought, I think you are all correct that I have plenty of flowers, and do not need to add anymore. I have a serious problem with moderation!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

4th of July Giveaway

It's a 4th of July giveaway. If you haven't already checked out the blog of Tinsel & Company jump over and do it today. She is giving away the most wonderful Independence Day items. Who wouldn't love this incredible assortment of things?? I know I would. Have a lovely day....I will be back tomorrow or Monday to show you the wonderful things I found at an estate sale from a 96 year old woman.
XXOO - Valarie

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Kids

I found this picture on facebook, and it made me laugh. I think my sons are trying to be angelic? I just had to share it. I honestly cannot tell you what they are doing!!
Have a lovely day.
xxoo - Valarie
UPDATE: Brad, the one on the right said they are "being adorable"!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Queen For A Day

I am so excited to be participating in Queen For A Day hosted by Vintage Bella Studio. I have 2 of the most amazing crowns to share with everyone today. The first one was made by Kris Hurst of Blissful Elements. I love the butterflies that are made out of sheet music, and the velvet leaves are amazing. I LOVE it. I know that I have shown you pictures of the amazing crown that Holly of Holly Doodle Designs made me. However, it is so amazing that I thought I would show it off again. The stars are covered with beautiful Vintage Glass Glitter and darling flowers with crystals.

It has gorgeous feathers on it. They look like something that Marie Antoinette would have worn on her crown.

The Vintage jewelry is so over the top. I love bling, and Holly definitely gave me bling!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my crowns.....be sure to hop on over to Vintage Bella to see the other wonderful participants.

xxoo - Valarie

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Fun Friday Night

So, I have to tell you, tonight was a blast!! My sons play on a coed softball team, and they were one "girl" short.....they asked their poor old Mom to fill in, so they wouldn't have to forfeit! Well, I had a ton of fun!! I played catcher!! Fortunately you only stand behind the plate, you don't have to squat down the whole time!! I made 2 hits, brought in a run, and even scored a run. They actually won the game. All of the kids were cheering for me, and chanting "Mom, Mom, Mom"!! I recommend every Mom stepping out of the box and trying something like this. After the game, my boys were hugging me, and they told me that they were proud of me!! Proud of Me?? It felt so amazing!! I am always proud of them, and love being their Mom, but they were Proud of Me!! Truly one of my best Friday Nights Ever!!
xxoo - Valarie

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Queen for a day

Don't forget to pop over and leave a comment so that Andrea at VINTAGE BELLA will know you want to "SHOW YOUR CROWN" on June 10th!!! A crown you own, a crown you made or just one that you adore!