Friday, January 30, 2009

More Craft Room Pictures

I promise that this is the end of the pictures of my Craft room. I hope you have enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoy the room. I can't wait to show you some of the fun projects I have been working on. Here are a few pictures of the bathroom. It is soo pink and girly. No boys are allowed to use it!! Oops...still need to paint that white spot. Oh well. My glittery pig towel bar is too cute for words!!
This wonderful piggy light is so adorable. I covered the pigs in pink glitter, and they look so cute! I still need to add fringe to the shades, but haven't had the time!

I found the mirror at Goodman's. It was an ugly lavender. I painted it green, and added clear glitter to it!! I think it is amazing. I need to patch a couple of holes in the wall. Our contractor hung some really ugly towel bars in there, so I took them down, and added my own.

My sons girlfriend made these wonderful letters for Christmas!! What a sweetie!!

These are my fun mannequins that I have to display all of the beautiful things I have purchased from my favorite bloggers. The ribbon on the black mannequin is from One Hundred Wishes. The beautiful bird ornament on the white mannequin is from the one and only Holly from Holly Doodle Designs. My sister gave me the black one for Christmas. There was a store near her that was going out of business, and they had this wonderful Brighton display for sale!! I love it!!
Have a wonderful Day.
XXOO Valarie

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally!! Pictures of my craft room!!

Welcome to my Craft room. I hope that you enjoy this mini tour. I chose pink and green because I am the mother of two sons, and needed something "girly" in my life!!!

This silhouette was given to me by my mom. I was about 7 years old when it was done!!

I made the window treatments in the room. I love this one because it looks like an outdoor awning!

My Dad made this bookshelf for my son when he was 5. (He's 23 now)..I covered it in craft paper that I Love!! It matches the colors of the room perfectly. I hired my sons girlfriend to organize the room, and she put all of my paper in perfect order in the paper stacker to the right.

This is the gift wrap organizer that my husband bought for me. I love changing the paper for the different seasons!! I was so happy to get this farmhouse sink! Having the washer and dryer upstairs has been fabulous! I actually get some work done while I play with glitter!!

This wingback chair was a hand me down. I covered it in Casey Scroll from the Sis Boom Collection. I love the ball fringe on it. The beautiful curtains in the background were made by me also!! I don't LOVE to sew, but love the feeling of accomplishment when I am done. I still need to paint the side table. I can't decide if I should paint it white, or do a funky slipcover on it. The view from the balcony is amazing. It looks out over the beautiful Mountains.

This is my favorite wall in my room!
It has lots of fun quotes....notice the "Krafted with Love".....that
was my sons idea. My last name is Kraft!! Isn't he witty!!

I hope you enjoyed the small tour of my Craft room. Tomorrow I
will have a few more pictures to post. This took me 3 hours to do, and my husband is complaining because he wants to get on the computer!!

XOXOXO Valarie

Monday, January 26, 2009

Camera Troubles

I hoped to get some pictures posted of my craft room, but I am having trouble with my camera. My son promises to help me tonight, so cross your fingers. The weekend went by waay too fast. I crafted a bit, cleaned my craft room, and got some much needed painting done. I still have several projects to do around my house, but hopefully will have time to play soon. I promise to post pictures of an adorable Valentine's Day Garland that I finally got done, and a cute Valentine's Day Eiffel tower that I made. Have a wonderful Monday, and check back for the pictures.
xxoo Valarie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Very First Blog!!

I am so excited to finally have a blog. I have been reading so many beautiful ones for such a long time, but just never had the nerve to start my own. I have lots of fun things to share with everyone, and hope that you find what I have to say at least a little bit interesting!! I will be back later today with some pictures of my craft room, and the story about how I became an addict of glitter!! (It involves non other than the glitter fairy herself - Laurie Davis)!!