Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years, and My Birthday!!!

I cannot believe that another year is almost gone. Where does time go?? I am so thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have made through this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you. I read your comments, and it makes my heart happy. This has been a very difficult year for my family, our health has been an issue. I am hoping that next year will be a much easier one. Have a wonderful New Year, be safe. Oh, and it's my Birthday today, so I will drink a glass of champagne, and think of each of you.
xxoo Valarie

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Happy Holidays Friends. I wanted to give you a quick update on my surgery, and share some pictures with you. I came through my surgery with flying colors...everything was fine. I ended up having my ovary removed, because the cyst was so large and had grown into the ovary. I am old, so one ovary is sufficient. I was told that I am still able to have a baby. HAHA...that made me laugh. The recovery has been harder than I anticipated....I thought I'd be up and around in a day or two, but that hasn't happened. I am hoping that tomorrow will be the day when I get up and get a few things done. I also had a small growth removed from my inner thigh.....It was causing me some pain, so they removed and biopsied it. I get the results in a few days, but the doctor thinks that and the cyst are both benign. Thank The Lord that my Family is so good to me. I get waited on like I'm the queen!! Please enjoy the pictures of my family taken a couple of days before my surgery. My sons GF Jenny is spending the Holidays in Vermont with her family, so we had a family dinner with her before she left!!
My baby Brad and his Girlfriend Jill. Her dress is gorgeous...the bottom is on the picture to see the fabulous detail!!
Dust and Jenny!! Jenny's dress is the most beautiful shade of purple and black. Lovely!!!
Brad and Jill doing their Toddlers and Tiaras impression for me. Brads is pretending to be a little angry, and Jill loves to ham it up!!!
Have a wonderful day,, and thanks for your well wishes.
xxoo Valarie

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas with Santa

We had lunch with Santa on Saturday, and I had to share these sweet photos with you. The Grandkids on Santa's lap.....the purple boots with the dress crack me up!!
My little sweeties!! LOVE them!!
After we had lunch, we headed back to Grandmas house to play. They wanted to spend the night, so we put a blow up mattress on the floor by the Christmas tree, and had a sleep over!! It was a wonderful day, and took my mind off my dreaded surgery!! Thank you all for the well wishes. ( I borrowed my sons camera, so I will post my matchboxes later today).
xxoo Valarie

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Surgery?? Are you kidding me??

Right now it seems like a broken camera is the least of my worries. It has been a horrible day today. My husband has been having shoulder pain, so the doctor has scheduled him for a shoulder manipulation. No surgery, but he does have to be put under. No big deal, I can take care of that. However, I also went to the Dr., as a follow up to my recent problems with my darned ovaries. They have been keeping track of a nasty little cyst that has been giving me a lot of pain. Today the ultra sound showed that it has grown from the size of a walnut to a plum in the last month. The doctor is afraid that it will rupture, or that it may be more than just a silly little cyst. So, I am now scheduled for surgery on Friday, December 18th. He said I will need to stay in bed for 4 days, and then no activities, or heavy lifting for 2 weeks. Are you kidding Me??? The week before Christmas?? I have spent the morning crying, and now I am putting on my big girl panties, and getting my shopping done. GAH!! What a downright horrible day!!!
xxoo Valarie

Monday, December 6, 2010

Broken camera......again!

My camera is broken......this is the 3rd camera I've had in 2 years.....I am so upset, and promise to post my matchboxes as soon as I get a new camera!!
xxoo Valarie