Friday, May 21, 2010

Bailee Kay Graduates

My Niece Bailee graduated from High School yesterday. It was the perfect day to have the ceremony. It was held at Red Rocks Amphitheater....and was truly amazing.
We had a small party at my house for the family. She is having a huge party for family and friends in June, but I couldn't let the day pass without doing a little celebrating. I did lunch, and made a few goodies to put on the table.
I had to make her a graduation Crown!!
Chocolate bars with her senior picture on them.
She requested Funfetti cupcakes.
We had such a nice time.
Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Darling Birthday Cake

Hi everybody...I just had to share with you the new Darling Birthday Cakes that sweet Jen has cooked up. This is the cutest little thing that I have laid my eyes on. Hope over to her blog, J.Nichelle and check it out. Oh, and there are zero calories, so it is even more delicious.
Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie

Friday, May 14, 2010

We are Home!

We are home from the Hospital. Nick is resting, and taking it easy,, and I am getting caught up with all of the chores I let go. He ended up having 3 stints put in, for blockages. The Dr. said he is as good as new. I am so relieved. Thank you all for your prayers, and kind words..they certainly helped me more than you will ever know. Now, I need to go out and buy a healthy eating cookbook. You see, I don't cook. I used to cook, when my kids were young, but now we pretty much eat out every evening. Well, no more of that!! I am thinking that this will be a lifestyle change for both of us!! If you have any good recipes, I would love it if you would share.
Have a wonderful day, and hug someone you love!!
xxoo Valarie

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I need a few prayers!!

Hi Friends....I have a huge favor to ask of all of you. I need some prayers.Yesterday my husband woke up with terrible "indigestion".....he took pepcid, and went back to bed. He went to work, had lunch, and then we worked out with our Trainer. When he got home from work the pain got worse, and he took more antacids. When he starting complaining that his arms and neck were sore, my son Brad demanded that he call the Dr. He didn't want to, but we made him. We ended up going straight from the Dr.s office to the ER. It turns out his indigestion was actually a heart attack. He is now in the Coronary Care Unit, awaiting an angioplasty. As soon as he has that we will know the extent of the damage, and the course of action that needs to be taken. (my sons brought the computer to the hospital, they knew that looking at all the wonderful blogs you all have would take my mind off of things.)....So, I am sneaking a minute away from Nick to ask for your prayers. I love you all, and appreciate any kind thoughts you send our way.
xxoo Valarie

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am still in Utah (at my Step-Sons Graduation!!),,,,but I wanted to wish all of my wonderful blog friends a Happy Mother's Day. I will be home tonight to see my it will be a good day.
Dustin and Brad...they always make me laugh!
Brad and these two!!
Me and Dustin a few years ago!! Love you Dustin!!
Dustin and ya!!
I just want to say how lucky I am to have 2 wonderful sons, their girlfriends, 3 fabulous step children, and 3 amazing Grandchildren. Thank you all for loving me.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.
xxoo Valarie

Monday, May 3, 2010

I hit the Jackpot!!

I was at an estate sale on Saturday. Everything was pretty picked over....I managed to find a few things that I couldn't live without. I was talking to the girls, and said my dream would be to walk into a sale, and find a room full of vintage wallpaper. A few minutes later a man walked up to me, and said he overheard me say that I love old wallpaper, he said that he had 5 or 6 rolls that he got at a sale a few years back, and that he would like them to go to a good home. hahaI went by his house on Sunday, and about died when I saw the fabulous paper.
This pink is the softest shade, and the flowers are so sweet. Love it. There was a whole roll of this.
This one is really brittle, but still will the red flowers. Again, another full roll.
There was only about 4 yards left of this striped one, but it's pink, and I love it also.
Soft beige with lattice and flowers, swoon. Yes, a brand new never opened roll.
This one almost looks flocked, but it is just a soft beige tone on tone. The roll had never been opened.
This one is sagey's hard to see in the pictures. It is lovely!!
He said he was afraid it would end up in a landfill somewhere, and sold it to me for gasp....$30.
I can't wait to start crafting with it.
Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm a Winner!!

I am so excited!! I won the most fabulous giveaway!!! The lovely Stefanie of Rose Petals and Rust picked my name!! I rec'd the package on Friday, and could not wait to tear into it. Of coarse my camera wasn't charged, so I am using her photo!!It was this beautiful wicker purse with lace, and a beautiful flower on it. Inside were the most fabulous presents....a pink shaker bottle, amazing tags, a vase with beautiful flowers, faux bon bons (so stinkin' cute)...and a beautiful plate. Oh, and I cannot forget the amazing pillow cases. I will post more pictures when my camera is working!! I still can't believe I won. Thank you so much Stefanie. You made my day, make that my week!!
Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie