Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Easter Basket Swap

I am so excited.....I just signed up for the sweetest Easter Basket swap. Hop on over to Miss Rhea's and sign up, it should be a blast.I cannot believe how quickly Easter is sneaking up on us. I have so much to do to get ready!! I love this Holiday, with the sweet colors and decorations, it is right up my alley!!
Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie


Cathy said...

Val, I signed up too. This is going to be so much fun!

xo Cathy

Lori said...

i love Rhea's basket on the banner...so cute!!!

vivian said...

oh what fun! I signed up already too!

Rosemary said...

You will have a lot of fun I'm sure.

Tammy @ tinselshop.com said...


Oh how I LOVE Easter decorations! I can't seem to get enough bunnies... What a fun swap I will have to check it out.

Best wishes,

Free Pretty Things For You said...

you did such a pretty job on the jewelry box!! i love DIY projects!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for stopping by. Great blog! This is my first run at swapping and have to admit that I am a little nervous! Very excited...but nervous.