Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day Swap

I am in a Valentine box, I wanted to show a few pictures of the box I made. I used a Vintage image that I bought from Kris is lovely.....sorry the lighting is so bad. If you click on the picture the image is easier to see.
The box is covered with a beautiful vintage flocked wallpaper that I bought from Holly.
I dyed the silk ribbon with pomegranate green is a beautiful soft shade of pink!
I used lots of dresdens to foof it up!!
I wrapped it in pink crepe paper that I twisted to look like a rose......Inside are lots of goodies, I will show pictures of them later.
Have a lovely day.
xxxooo Valarie


Tammy @ said...


That box is just gorgeous!

Best wishes,

LuLu Kellogg said...

You do the most beautiful work.

How are you feeling since your surgery? Better I hope!


Suz said...

This is my first time on your blog. This is LOVELY and I think the wrapping is also just incredible.

I am the mom of a grown daughter and love to make things.

Now I will look through the rest of your things!


Rosemary said...

I love this Valarie!!
You did a wonderful job. The ribbon is my favorite!!
Have a great day,

Andrea said...

That is so pretty!

jen said...

OMGoodness! what a beautiful box! and the way you wrapped it I am impressed:) just perfect, lucky swap partner you have(wait did that come out a little yodaish?) glad you had a lazy Sunday they are the best.
luvs and glitter

Jeni said...

So pretty! What a beautiful gift the box is, but can't wait to see what you tucked inside too.

Wishing you a wonderful day! Pink ruffles coming soon.

Diane said...

I Love it you did a wonderful job and I just know the receiver will be delighted. I love Kris Hurst style, great choice. Hugs, Diane

Cherie said...

Another Colorado Girl who loves pretties. Finally! Most definately I am following your blog. Have a blessed week, Cherie

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

how lovely!

I just received a gorgeous valentines swap box, too.

Don't you just love making/getting STUFF?! LOL

oliviapaige said...


You did such a beautiful job on the box. Is it for the Cathy Scalise Amour Valentine Swap?
That's where I got your blog info.

Olivia Paige

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous box! Your partner is very lucky!

tales from an oc cottage said...

What a confection!!!!

m ^..^