Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Jill

Today is Jill's Birthday. She and my son have been dating, (on and off) for years!! We wanted to make her something special, so she would know that she is loved. Her family lives in Florida, she moved to Colorado to be with Brad!! So, we decided to make what she loves. A candy cake. Jill LOVES candy!!! So, here is what we came up with: I wish you could see the cute flag better, it says Happy Birthday Jill!!We are delivering it to her office today. I hope she has a wonderful day!!
I hope everyone has a sweet, lovely day.
xxoo Valarie


Martha's Favorites said...

I am sure Jill will love her cake! A birthday wish to her! I love the way you decorated your Easter table it is so beautiful. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

JillFace said...

Yaaaay!! Thank you sooo much for my birthday "candy" cake. Its AMAZING and I LOVED it. Everyone at work is so jealous!! I am happy I didnt check your blog eariler or I would have ruined the surprise!! Thank you, youre the best! xoxo

Lori said...

what a cute idea!!!

vivian said...

mmm!!! lucky girl! you are very thoughtful. I bet she loved it. and its always nice to recieve something like that at work. makes you feel all the more special! When the girls at work recieve anything fun like that, I always go home and tell my hubby! (doesnt usually get me anywhere though!)
have a great night!

Michele said...

Hi Valerie - thanks so much for visiting! What an awesome cake and a cute idea. Happy Birthday to Jill!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Fabulous cake!
That would last me through one whole episode of Criminal Minds!

jen said...

How yummy! Uh tutorial? it is fabulous!
luvs and glitter

Andrea said...

I love that idea!!
Thanks for your nice comment about my mirrors. I am always worried when I am making something for someone else!!