Friday, April 23, 2010

Our NFL Draft Party

When you have sons, you learn to love things that you never thought you would. Like Football. I always enjoyed watching football, but never thought that I would come to love the game. My sons are HUGE college football fans. They cheer for the CSU Rams....their Alma Mater, and also the Florida Gators. My youngest started Jill who lived in Florida, and went to the University of Florida. She got my sons to adore her beloved Gators as much as she did. That was when 4 years ago we were "introduced" to a remarkable young man by the name of Tim Tebow. He is an incredible athlete,( he helped the Gators win 2 National Championships, and he was the Heisman Trophy Winner). You may remember all of the grief that he rec'd because he was in a commercial at the Super Bowl?? You know, the one where he chose a Pro Life Stance?? Boy did that get the country in an uproar!! He is a missionary who spent his Spring Break not at the Beach partying, but in the Phillipines......well, all of this is leading up to a very exciting event for my sons.Tim Tebow was chosen by the Denver Broncos in the First round!! I have never seen my son so happy!! So, it will be a good weekend at the Kraft house. Welcome to Denver Tim...we are excited to have such a good young man coming to represent Denver.
Have a wonderful Day.
xxoo Valarie


Brad said...

Honestly one of the best nights of my life so far. Love you Mom...and Tim!

JillFace said...

I LOVE TIM TEBOW!!! I cant wait to cheer him on every chance I get.

Tammy @ said...

Oh my goodness, I thought of your son last night being a Gator and a Bronco fan just like us! We had been joking about Tebow becoming a Bronco all night and were in SHOCK! So excited!!!

Best wishes,

Signs and Salvage said...

Glitter & Football merge!!! You need to make a Football?Glitter Penant Banner!! I don't think I have ever watched a whole football game:) Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Take Care,