Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Beautiful Tiara

Last year for Mother's Day my husband gave me money, (although I am not his mother, I guess I get credit for cleaning up after him, and doing his smelly laundry..haha)... I decided to do something for myself that I have always wanted. Have a custom Tiara made from the one and only Holly of hollydoodledesigns. She is one of the most talented women around. I haven't had the honor of meeting her, but through emails I feel like I have made a wonderful friend. Some day I hope to go to Silver Bella and actually giver her a hug!!! If you haven't checked out her blog, run on over and have a look. You will want to go back through her older blogs also. It will be a feast for your eyes. Can you believe how amazing this is??
The beautiful feathers and the rhinesones
look even better in person.
I can't wait to get invited to a ball so that I can wear this!!


Unknown said...

OH MY, how gorgeous!!! You're one lucky girl :)
I know what you mean, I want to go to Silver Bella some day too. Doesn't it look amazing?!

Unknown said...

I just had to leave a second comment cuz I just love your blog! Your craft room is amazing.

LaurenFaythe said...

You are queen of your home now! Beautiful tiara.By the way, you look as young as your son's girlfriend!

American Homemaker said...

That is such an awesome tiara!