Sunday, April 21, 2013

I went to an amazing salvage sale this weekend....I didn't buy the amazing staircase,
 I wish I had somewhere to put it, as it only sold for $125!!

 I did buy these two old beds....I know with a little TLC they will be amazing. 
 I paid only $20 for both beds!
                     These iron bank gates are huge....I bet they will be amazing in their new home!!

                    This amazing bronze fountain went for $300....if only I had somewhere to put it!!
I bought the two white wire chairs,
                                                                      they will be sweet on my balcony. 
I know that I overused the word "amazing",
 but it truly was an amazing sale!!!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?? 
 Have a lovely day, xxoo Valarie


Carmen said...

What a great sale!!! So many really neat items and good prices. You scored. :-)

vivian said...

cant wait to see how you use your new treasures Val. I had a good weekend.. Lots of family time as we celebrated my sons birthday.. who I thought was 25.. but no.. he told me last night that he is 26! eiy yie yie! this old brain!
Have a great week my friend!

CLD said...

Wow... I am so jealous. What great finds. Good for YOU!!!!