Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Last night we had our Traditional Gingerbread House decorating party. We only had 7 people, much smaller than usual. The kids decided to only bring one friend each. It was much easier for me, as I build the houses ahead of time, and the kids just decorate them.
My oldest son wore his apron as a cape. Crazy kid.
Yes, even though they were all older kids, they still had to sample the frosting.

I love this picture!! My oldest son Dustin is on the left. My youngest son Brad and his Girlfriend Jill decorated a house together.
My nephew Logan is on the right, and his good friend Tarron is on the left. Tarron is here from Arizona, and we were all so happy to see him!!
Brad (my baby) decided he wanted a mosaic beard....his brother was happy to oblige.
I must say...a frosting beard is very becoming on him!!
Ah, the finished House....I must say they built a pretty amazing house.
Bailee (my niece)......her roof was made of smashed mini marshmallows.
Dustin's house turned out AMAZING.....I helped!!
Addie's house got 2 thumbs up!

Logan put a pop can on his house.....who was I to crush his creativity?? Tarron's also turned out beautifully.
The kids were all worn out...hehe...they needed a little rest.
I can't believe that we have been making Gingerbread houses for the past 13 years. My oldest son was only 12 when we started this tradition. Every year I think they will say they are too old, but fortunately they all love it still.
Have a lovely day. xxoo Valarie


luckygirlgifts said...

That is so sweet.
We are decorating our houses today.
This is the first real day of their Christmas vacation.
Mine are 7,8,12,and 16.
Hopefully it will be all smiles and laughs like your day.
I'm so glad to see that they still love it and look forward to it.
I hope our tradition continues too.
Have a wonderful Holiday week.
Cari b.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a fab tradition! it looks like the kids are having a blast - and their houses look wonderful.

what fun!

*Noelle* said...

hi valarie!!

my bff is named valerie! lol
thanks for visiting my blog!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE gingerbreads! so these houses caught my eye; what a fun tradition!!

thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon:)

noelle xo