Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Photos

Easter was so much fun this year. We had 12 people for a yummy dinner, and everyone had fun! This is my table, I LOVE pink, so it is everywhere. This is my son....he loves white cake, so we ordered one from the most incredible bakery by our house.
These are the crackers that were at peoples place setting.... I ordered them from Whim and Fancy Designs. I added the pink crepe paper, and the Dresden chicks....once again, you can never have too much pink!!

I made these cute candy cups....each one was different...they turned out really cute. The back has sheet music on it. I should have taken more pictures. I had some to put in my etsy, but just never got them listed.....maybe next year.

Well, have a wonderful day, and I will post some pictures of the Country Music Awards later in the week.
xoxo Valarie


Rosemary said...

Very festive Valarie!!
Love all of the details!
Glad you had a nice Easter!!

vivian said...

hmmm.. so where do you live? I want to come have easter at your house next year! love how you set your table up. great cake and cute son too!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What a knockout table you set! And what really really festive and lovely Easter details!

I love that silver (velvet? glittered?) rabbit next to the white cake ... it's very special.

All of your details - the candy cups and crackers and jelly-bean-peeps-floral centerpiece - are right out of the old proverbial magazine spread.

I have to laugh at your son - when at my Mom's, I do the same thing with my tie as I'm eating so I don't get it in my food. LOL

KatCollects said...

The table is beautiful! I love the candy cups. I am glad you had a good Easter.

meandering pearl said...

what a treat of a table! your blog is glitterary loveliness!