Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Gladiator??

I need some creative help from all you talented people.... my youngest son, my baby, is graduating from College. He is getting his degree in Health and Exercise Science. I need to plan his party. I know that I will decorate the dining room in his school colors, green and gold,( go Colorado State University), it will be fancy, lots of pictures, a nice cake, etc....however, I want the outdoor party to be "American Gladiator"!! Wouldn't that be appropriate?? I thought that we could have some games, showing our feats of strength..teehee. We will have the pool opened by then, so I will have some water games, and also we have the sport court, so the kids can play basketball, or tennis. What I need help with are the decorations!! Any suggestions?? I was thinking of painting a giant board with a picture of an American Gladiator on it, and then leaving a hole for the face, that way we could take pictures in it. So, if anyone has any other suggestions, please I am begging you to let me know!! I am stumped.
xxoo - Valarie
p.s. I rec'd a wonderful blog award from Tristan of Enchanted Revelry, so I will be blogging about that tomorrow!!

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vivian said...

what a great party you have planned. I'll have to think about your theme. I'm only good with cutesy kind of things.. so this ones a stretch for me!! You son is lucky to have such a fun mom!
I'll be thinking !