Thursday, April 16, 2009

Windows, Windows, and more Windows

Here are the pictures of my Windows and Window Treatments.....I made them all myself, so do not judge them too harshly!!! Unfortunately I had trouble loading them in the order that I wanted, so they jump around a bit. This is one of the spare bedrooms, I know this isn't a window, but I thought it was pretty, and I did use drapery fabrice to make it!!

This is the cornice in the same bedroom. The same room with the ribbons on the ceiling. I love it....
This picture is of one of the spare bedrooms. This room is the one that I want to tent the ceiling in. We'll see..This picture should be with my living room shots, but no such luck. Oh well....this is the small bay wall in my dining room, I didn't want to block the view of the backyard, so I went with a minimal look.
This is my bathroom.....We had these stained and beveled glass windows installed so I could enjoy the light!! I love the husband added it for me, because I spend a lot of time reading in the bathtub. This simple treatment is over the door in the master bedroom, nothing too fancy, but it serves its purpose.

I don't know why I only opened one shade, but this is also in the Master Bedroom.

I thought I had a better picture of the bed, but this turned out the best. I wanted a canopy over the bed, and thought this turned out quite nicely!!

This is the in the entry way!! I thought a drape would look nice dividing the spaces.....notice the ceiling?? That was not at all fun to do!

I love the way the Austrian shades look in the living room, although they were the hardest drapes I've made to date!! Glad that job is done with!!

This is our family room, it opens to an open space trail, and the beautiful foothills of Colorado. We didn't want to cover too much of them, so I just did one long panel, added some fringe, and tassels, and voila....I really like it!! The sign says "Fairy tales do come true"! This is the back door, I just put up grape vine, and added the fruit. At Christmas I take it down, and put a garland of candy and treats!!

I know you have seen this before, it is one of the drapes in my craft room!

This is one of our spare bathrooms. After having 2 sons, I decided to pink it up when they moved out. I am still working on the adjoining bedroom. I wallpapered it in a pink/black toile, and am padding the walls with a pink and white checked silk. I will post a picture when I am done.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your little tour of my windows!! I hope you have a wonderful day,,,,,now I am off to wallpaper a bookcase in the basement,,,,,of coarse I will post pictures!!
xxoo - Valarie


Erin Fudge said...

Your house is gorgeous!! Totally looks like a fairy tale, I love it. :) I wish I could hire you to do some drapes at my place! I'm not handy with a sewing machine.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Your work is lovely - it all looks very frothy and sensual and magical.


Coastal Sisters said...

You were the first person to leave a comment on my 150th post so you won! I decided I am not telling you what you will just have to wait and see when you get it :) Yep, I am a meanie!

Valarie...I have had the most enjoyable time this morning sitting here with my coffee reading your blog. Your decorating style is so elegant and is just perfection. Your home is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see more pictures!

Congrats on winning! Email me your address to so I can send your prize right on to your home :)

Have a wonderful day,

Tracy M. said...

Hi Val,
You have to show pics of the whole pink and black room. That one is my favorite room in your house,(besides the craft room)LOL.
Talk to ya soon,
Tracy M.

Rosemary said...

You did a wonderful job Valarie!!
Your home looks just like I thought it would. Beautiful!
Have a great weekend,

Fete et Fleur said...

SUPER GORGEOUS AGAIN! Your house is beautiful enough to be photographed for a magazine. I can't believe you did all these treatments yourself. I think you need to put together tutorials or a book. Wonderful!