Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful day, spending it with friends and family. I am hosting Easter this year, and will post some pictures as soon as everyone leaves for the evening. I had planned to do so many wonderful things for my family this year. I figured since I am no longer working, I may as well party it up. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. My husband and I were in Las Vegas last weekend for the Country Music I was not asked to sing...hardly a surprise to anyone who knows me, but it was soo much fun. On Monday night we went to the filming of the George Strait concert that will be on TV in May. We had fabulous seats, and there were lots of wonderful stars performing. I will post some pictures this week. Well, I must have had toooo much fun, because I got home on Tuesday with a horrible cold, and yesterday was the first day I could even get out of bed! So, my family stepped up to help me, and we are having a scaled back Easter. I try to remember why we are celebrating, not how fancy I can make it. Have a blessed day.

xxoo - Valarie


vivian said...

oh lucky you ! you went to the country music awards! I watched a lot of it on tv. Im in love with keith urban.. he loves me too.. he just doesnt know it! and the george strait concert too? I bet it was great.
sorry your not feeling well now. I hope youre back on your bunny toes soon!
happy easter!

KatCollects said...

I LOVE George Strait. I think I own every CD of his. I got to see him in concert last year, I hope he comes back. I am so happy for you.