Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy day!! Yuck! My husband stood in line at the post office for an hour just to get ours mailed, along with a big fat check!! Hopefully this will help to stimulate the economy. NOT!! So, I decided to post some pretty pictures. I love clutter, uhm I mean, our house is filled to the brim with beautiful things that make me smile. I have run out of room on the walls, so I have moved on to the ceiling!! Enjoy the pictures.
This is our ceiling in the entry way. It is vaulted, so we needed something substantial to put there. We hung this beautiful mirror and Chandelier. I love it.

This is the ceiling in one of our spare bedrooms. My nephew refers to it as the Marie Antoinette room, because it is so pretty. I saw this treatment at the Mackenzie Childs store in New York. I had to copy. I crisscrossed the ribbon on the ceiling, and then where each one met, I put a pretty hand made rose that I made out of the same ribbon. I love it. This is looking up at the chandelier, you can see how nice it looks.

This is the nook in our kitchen. My husband and father hung the copper themselves. It was fun holding it up with broomsticks until the glue dried. Our arms were TIRED!!

This is definately my favorite. It is the ceiling in my dining room. We had it painted when we first bought the house. I think the angels are just too darn adorable. The two ladies who painted it were in their late sixties, and they stood on ladders all day, looking up and painting. I have no artistic abilities when it comes to painting, so the process was amazing to me.

I am working on a couple of other rooms in the house. I have a red and gold toile bedroom, and I am going to attempt to tent the whole ceiling in sheer gold fabric. I will post a picture when I finish it. My living room ceiling is also done, but I could not get a picture to turn out for the life of me. I wallpapered it in a vintage inspired textured paper, and then painted and antiqued it!!
Check back tomorrow, I am going to post pictures of all of the draperies that I have made in our home. Some are quite grand, while others are whimsical!! Have a wonderful day, I hope this took your mind off of Uncle Sam for a bit!!
xxoo - Valarie


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Valarie; OH My Gosh! I just love every one of your ceilings. How different each one is and so beautiful. The one where the ladies painted is so stunning. I can't wait to see your curtains.. you have a wonderful eye for detail...


Fete et Fleur said...

WOWZA!!! Super beautiful treatments. Valarie you have an amazing eye and I loved all the lovely chandeliers. I can't wait to see your draperies.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Valarie!
Thanks so much for visiting me! I am so bad; I want so badly to receive comments and when I don't see people flocking to my blog, I wonder what I did wrong. I don't know how you found me, but thanks for coming. You have a great eye and I adore Marie Antoinette style!!! Take care! Anita

jillian said...

Wow! I love your creativity...especially on the ceilings!! They are amazing. I can't wait to see your window treatments. I totally stink at windows and could use some inspiration!!

Rosemary said...

Love your decorating Valarie!!
Thanks for sharing,

Berlin Deluxxe said...

I love it all!
Your home certainly reflect good taste, class and comfort.
Thank you for peeping at my blog :)